About Us

SFW is no longer active. This page shows the history of the organization.

Founded in 2000, SFW is dedicated to reducing tobacco consumption especially by youth through policy change. In pursuing that goal, SFW has worked for smoke-free ordinances, increasing tobacco prevention funding, and raising the tax on tobacco products. As an organization with a single focus, reducing tobacco use in Wisconsin through policy change, SmokeFree Wisconsin is experienced and uniquely positioned to advocate for local tobacco control policy initiatives. SFW provides technical assistance on local policy, assistance on capacity building and strategic planning with local tobacco control coalitions, and assists with media outreach and community organizing.

SFW has developed substantial competency at the state and local level for community-based smoke-free policy efforts. In conjunction with the public health and other tobacco control partners, SFW has developed numerous trainings and hosted annual conferences to hone the skills of tobacco control professionals around the state. SFW has also played a major role in state and local policy gains, which have resulted in the public health success of reducing smoking, leading to improvements in health and quality of life for Wisconsin citizens.